The Crystal Harp - Advanced Counter-Diffusion Crystallisation


  1. The French National Science Institution just awarded 15 Mio € to the large-infrastructure project FRISBI - Investissement D'Avenir of which the MultiBac facility in Grenoble is a partner. Congratulations!!!!This means  that the MultiBac facility will be doubled in size  & expanded in equipment  (1) towards microfermentation and automation and (2) towards industrial scale production. All this will of course also greatly benefit P-CUBE TNA.
  2. The TNA and RTD activites (MultiBac, MultiMam) have led to the Berger Group being awarded a  Roche Research Foundation Excellence Grant by the Roche Pharma AG (Basel, Switzerland). This c-development aims at implementing their technologies for high-content-screening (HCS) in the Roche drug discovery platform. The grant has just been awarded (21. April 2011). This will greatly raise the visibility of PCUBE in the sector of a globally operating large pharma enterprise. This award is great for the lab, for their technologies, for Roche and for PCUBE.
  3. Furthermore, a licence with ATG-biosynthetics (Freiburg, Germany) has been signed (by EMBL) to market the MultiBac reagents (as MultiBacTurbo) as well as the E.coli (MultiColi) and mammalian (MultiMam) derivatives. Sales are exceeding expectations and already, distributors in Japan, North America and Australia have signed sublicences and have started marketing these technologies.